What are you eating? Jesus or the Christian stuff? If Christians really believed that all that is not Jesus is un-life they would renounce their substitutes, their look-a-likes, false Christ's and other husbands and feast on Him.

They would step out of their iron lung and start BREATHING IN HIM. When Jesus is our life we have a life. The degree to which we live from things not Him is the degree to which we are not alive but more or less un-dead and pretending.

Tired of expending yourself in earnest but ineffectual schemes or random acts of religion? Had enough of being a consumer in the super-markets of Christianity?

No one is forcing you to eat Christian junk food. It's your choice. The power is with your heart to choose the water of life over lolly water and sesame seed buns.

Here's the plot from below. Millions are busy doing. But they are not doing what Jesus is doing.

Thousands have an occasional anointing. But they do not live in the Spirit.

Many are planting. But they are planting tares when they could be planting Jesus and reaping sons and daughters for God.

We represent His Kingdom in fullness, when in the Spirit we eat His flesh and drink His blood and He becomes our life.

The Kingdom of God is a realm of love and authority that radiates from those who eat the son of God. It is multiplied by those who bathe in the love of the Father and who release His everlasting gospel of life wherever they put their feet. When Christ is your life you multiply life that is Jesus by being yourself. Thus you and the church are His kings and priests in the world.